Lithophane on Unidentified Porcelain Stand

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Lithophane on Unidentified Porcelain Stand

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:05 pm


I picked up this Lithophane last week on what I think is an undocumented porcelain stand. There are several similar examples of this stand but none quite like this model. The base is marked "DRGM Registered" with an impressed "8" and handwritten "35". Standard alone is 6.75" tall. 9" tall with Lithophane shade. The shade has three scenes, shown below.

I have been "sitting on" other undocumented stands, wainting until I had enough to fill an Undocumented Photo Album page. Expect to see this one in the next issue. If you have others that are undocumented, send me some pics and descriptions.


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