Bolton & Mills Registered Designs

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Bolton & Mills Registered Designs

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 11, 2008 11:43 am


As you probably know, Boulton & Mills registered some designs related to fairy lamps. Two designs are illustrated in Victorian Decorative Glass by Gulliver, p. 275. I thought you might like to see how the design drawings of the shade compare with the actual item.

Rd 50725:

Photos from "Fairy Lamps" by Ruf & Ruf - Drawing from "Victorian Decorative Glass" by Gulliver

Rd 59136:

Photos from "Fairy Lamps" by Ruf & Ruf - Drawing from "Victorian Decorative Glass" by Gulliver

All the fairy lamp shades bear (clear acid etched) the appropriate registered design number.

As you can see, the design is for the shade only and was produced in a variety of glass types. So, the question is: Did Boulton & Mills actually produce the shades, or, did they simply register the designs and someone else made the glass? The question may be a bit rhetorical, as without company records we may never know. Also, notice how the reversed drape (59136) changed.

Also, on the cover of Victorian Decorative Glass is a drawing of a fairy lamp. I suspect it is from a registered design application. But, who registered the design? perhaps someone in this forum might have some information on it.

Any help or information is appreciated.


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