Another unique painted shade

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Another unique painted shade

Post by cadking on Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:39 am

Here is another uniquely painted dome. The description says that it is Burmese glass, but it is cased glass with the two different colors inside and out. But the painting looks like the Woodbine leaf, but it has additional/different detail from the standard design. Take a look and tell me what you think.
The link is:
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Re: Another unique painted shade

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:51 am

Yes, this is a distinctly different design than Woodbine and is not Burmese. It has shown up several times with and without the Robin. The unique featues of this are that it is always on cased glass and the typical Woodine berries are replaced with what appears to the some kind of "bell-shaped" bud. It comes in both Fairy and Pyramid sizes and at least three colors, red, blue, and yellow.

Their are several examples of this design in "the book."

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This is the same design that Truitt attributed to Hartman & Dieterichs in his book Collectable Bohemian Glass - 1880-1940 It was discussed in some detail in Issue X, February 1999 with a convincing rebuttal by Doug Gole in Issue Issue XI, May 1999.

While I see no reason not to attribute this design to Webb, I am open to any documentation that proves otherwise.

By coincedence, I recieved an inquiry from this seller citing the attribution to Hartmann & Dietrichs. I provided the following:

First, I will agree that the glass is not Burmese. I will not agree that this shade is Bohemian, specifically Hartmann & Deiterichs as Truitt "suggests" in his book, Bohemian Glass - 1880-1940.

Following are a few points:

  • Truitt never says in his article the fairy lamps were actually made or decorated by Hartmann & Deiterichs. They are simply included as illustrations with the article - leaving the reader to make that attribution leap.
  • He illustrates two fairy lamp lamps with his article. Both are on miss-matched bases which, in my judgment, creates a lack of credibility.
  • The fairy lamp shades in the article were commissioned by Samuel Clarke (British) and and advertised as Model Nos 7a and 8a in his 1887 catalog. Both of these examples include what is known as the "English Robin." These same shades are illustrated alongside a decorated Webb Burmese shade. Perhaps by coincidence, perhaps not.
  • The years 1887-88 were also the same years that Clarke promoted his extensive line of Webb Burmese fairy lamps.
  • The decoration on your shade is very similar to, but not exactly like, the Webb/Barbe Woodbine design.
  • If Truitt insists these shades were made by Hartman & Deiterichs, I will need to see company records, design books, or advertisements to be convinced.

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