Nailsea Footed Fairy Lamp Base

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Nailsea Footed Fairy Lamp Base Empty Nailsea Footed Fairy Lamp Base

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:37 pm

Since I am the new owner of the Nailsea-type footed bowl that was on eBay a couple weeks ago, I thought I would provide you an update on what I have learned.
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The blue ground is considerably darker than typical blue Nailsea fairy lamps. Unfortunately, I do not have a shade that matches the base. I had a dark blue variant at one time, but sold it. (Note to self: Do not sell any of your children.)

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While waiting for the bowl to arrive, I discovered a very similar bowl in the collection of one of our members.

The bowl is also fairy-size and very similar (in citron) with clear frosted stubby feet. The feet in this case turn inward but still retain their "stubby" characteristics. I do not know if this example also includes the oversized prunt.

As you can see, the feet on the citron example begin to turn inward. The blue variant has similar feet but they just barely begin to turn inward. Since the feet on the blue variant are satin finished on the bottom surface, I believe this difference is the result of the craftsman and not ground down for repair as I originally suspected.

The prunt is unusual in that it is applied with an intermediate wafer. I bit uncommon but not unprecedented.

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This documented Clarke hanging base in DQMOP has the same shaped prunt, also attached with an intermediate wafer.

So, I am pleased to add the bowl to my collection, even though I do not have the matching shade. But, people are living longer than they used to and I have not given up hope in finding one before I run out of time.

This bowl design also comes in a smaller pyramid-size without feet or prunt. The larger fairy-size seems less common and comes with and without feet. I have never seen a pyramid-size bowl with feet.

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Well, that my story....and I'm sticking with it.

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