Some nice lamps once again

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Some nice lamps once again Empty Some nice lamps once again

Post by cadking on Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:43 am

As we talked earlier, there has seemed to be a drop in the amount of Clarke lamps on ebay. But we have some nice examples on ebay right now trying to jump start the sales again. The first is a Burmese R-550 with a no reserve auction with a number of 170404716902. The second is an example of a Burmese R-662 with a signed base. There is no cup with this lamp, but thats a small issue. This is also a no reserve auction. The auction number for that one is 330375496157 . The third is just a Burmese dome with Ive decoration. That auction number is 330375497130. The forth lamp has been in an ebay store for some time without selling, so I guess they will try an auction style. Its base is similar to R-749 with the air trap ball above the foot, but it has two red Neilsea shades rather that a single as shown in the book. This auction does have a reserve, and it is number 290367909580.


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