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Post by cadking on Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:00 pm

There was an interesting lamp and base on eBay that just went off, but I wanted to get some feedback. I know the base is correct / original with the cup marked “S. Clarke Trade Mark Fairy” just like R100. However, it’s the dome that interested me. The auction was number 220551191205 and was titled “19c CLARKES Miniature Oil Fairy Lamp QUILTED Rainbow”. The description of this lamp reads "EXTREMELY RARE "CLARKES" FAIRY LAMP WITH A RUFFLED AND RAISED DIAMOND QUILTED MOTHER OF PEARL GLOBE. ENORMOUS SIGNED 6" DIAMETER BASE. SHADE IS A BREATHTAKING BLOWN GLASS WITH RAINBOW COLORS ON A RAISED RIBBED DIAMOND QUILT, ENDING IN A CRIMPED AND FLAIRED EXIT. EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION. GUARANTEED TO BE A FOCAL POINT IN EVEN THE MOST DISCRIMINATING OF COLLECTIONS". Here is a photo from the auction.

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I would ask if anyone has seen a narrow waist, flared top lamp like this, but as there are so many that are being discovered, it could easily be a "no" for most. The color looked great and it had a unique diamond pattern in the glass along with the pie crust treatment around the top opening. I hope that it made its way into one of our collections with the idea of writing a article for the newsletter about the lamp with more detail than was in the auction.


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Post by jnopoinsett on Wed Feb 10, 2010 5:47 am

I'd seen this on ebay and wasn't sure about it either. It does not appear to be actual "mother of pearl" glass to me. I think the diamond quilt pattern is raised mold patterned and not actually air traps. The glass isn't necessarily cased, and if not, there couldn't be air traps. The flared top is unusual. The coloring is very strong. I'd like to see it in person.


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