Clarke's line of Richly Cut Fairy Lamps

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Clarke's line of Richly Cut Fairy Lamps

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:41 am

I love this job!

As the contact point for the Fairy Lamp Club, I routinely get inquiries about fairy lamps. Most of the inquiries are generated from the Club's website which, on average, gets 1000 visitors a month. Occassionally, some inquiries "blow me away." Such was this latest example:

I am fortunate to have a couple "Richly cut" fairy lamps in my collection and greatly appreciate how difficult they are to come by. However, none in my collection are on pedestals such as this. This example is very similar to Clarke's Model 80 but of a different design and cut pattern.

Has anyone every seen this new design before? Does anyone have any additional cut glass examples on a matching pedestal? And, the ever lingering question......Who made these "Richly Cut" fairy lamps????


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