Signed Nailsea: "YO"

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Signed Nailsea: "YO"

Post by Admin on Sat May 21, 2011 7:56 am

Not too long ago I picked up a nice Nailsea fairy lamp base. It appeared to the "typical" until I noticed it was signed "YO". Even though I have not noticec a "maker's mark" on Nailsea pieces before, I considerd it a curious anomaly.

However, now I am really curious!

I picked up another Nailsea bowl this week and it is also signed "YO".

Only the largest bowl is signed. The two smaller bowls are not.
So, the million dollar question is: What does it mean?

The hundred dollar question is: Does anyone else have similarily marked bowls?

Curious in snowy Colorado

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