Lithophane Fairy Lamp/Night light for sale

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Lithophane Fairy Lamp/Night light for sale

Post by Dazking on Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:56 pm

Hi Everybody.

I'm really a lithophane collector and have a table lamp with 2 lithophane shades to sell. I know that many of you Fairy Lamp collectors also collect lithohpanes so I thought I'd have a punt at selling it via your classified ads.

The lamp has been converted to electricity and the base is kind of conical in shape and about 8" in height. There is a printed floral design on the lamp base. The 2 lithophane shades are also conical in shape but inverted. The first has 4 lithophane images of a young girl powdering her face and making herself up. If you know your lithophanes, these are quite popular images. the second shade shows 4 hunting/animal images again popular lithophane images. The base and both shades are in excellent order with no signs of repair or any chips or cracks. If you would like pictures or could be interested in purchasing, please contact me at

I do have quite a few lithophane Fairy Lamps and could be persuaded to sell so if there is anything you are looking for I may have it. Again, please contact me on the above email address and I'd be happy to answer any queries.

Many thanks. Very Happy


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