Fairy Lamp Newsletter - On its way to a mailbox near you.

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Fairy Lamp Newsletter - On its way to a mailbox near you.

Post by Admin on Mon May 14, 2012 11:14 am

Fairy Lamp Newsletter - On its way to a mailbox near you.
That is, of course, if you are a member of the Fairy Lamp Club

I just delivered the May issue of the Fairy Lamp Club Newsletter to the Post Office. Most of our Club members will recieve their copy in a couple days. Those that live in far away places may take a little longer.

This is an exciting issue for me as it covers the endeavors of Samuel Clarke during the 1850s. Until now, very little was known about what his family was up prior to his well known fairy lamps of the 1890s. To give you a hint of what is coming, the following are the article titles:

Clarke's Patent Albany Elastic Glass Holder, c. 1851
"Cleveland" An Unusual Name for a Glass Design
Cricklite US Patent 896,275, Samuel Birdsey Clarke and Henry Clarke, 1908
Fusee Lamp Clarke's First Food Warmer, c. 1855

Our library of Undocumented fairy lamps has reached 500! That is quite a milestone for all who have contributed. I am looking forward to the next 500!!

I have put the most recent examples on-line in the "Undocumented Fairy Lamp Photo Gallery" of our Club's webpage. For those too impatient to wait for their paper copy, the following link will take you right to them.

Take care everyone.

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