Website Tracking Reports for January - June 2012

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Website Tracking Reports for January - June 2012

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:12 am

Because I'm lazy....

Instead of sending out a website report to each organization that I support, I have decided to put all the reports in one place at:

In this way, I only have to send out one e-mail and everyone won't be bothered with attachments that may fill your inbox.

So, simply click on the above link, find your organization, and click on the name for the Website Report for the Period January - June 2012.

In addition, instead of sending out a monthly report, I am only sending out 6 month periodic reports. I think this periodic report is more meaningful in terms of "trending" instead on a monthly "spot report." Hopefully, you will agree.

Take care,

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