Change of Heart, Change of Mind?

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Change of Heart, Change of Mind?

Post by cadking on Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:32 pm

I remember reading that the Fenton factory was going to close in several months, several months ago. So I went to their site and noticed that they posted a news release noting that they will not be closing due to the increase in sales of their glass wares. It also sounds like the banks have decided to work with them on their loan rather than eating the whole thing as a loss. I hope that they stay true to the design and quality that built the company oh so many years ago.


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Re: Change of Heart, Change of Mind?

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:52 pm

That is certainly good news for the company and their many loyal customers. Of course, I suspect much of the increase in sales is attributed to those "investors" who thought they were buying the last of the Fenton line. I suspect a few are not very happy that they are not closing their doors.

Following is the text from the Fenton website:

First, Id like to thank all our customers and collectors who increased their purchases from the Gift Shop, over the internet, and through our dealer network during the second half of 2007. This surge of business is a key reason why Fenton is still producing glass. The year 2008 will bring new beginnings as we implement changes to recover from the difficulties we faced in 2007.

We have initiated two brands: Fenton USA and Fenton International. Details will be forthcoming on the unique and beautiful items from Fenton International.

As for Fenton USA, we will add USA to each of our moulds. We expect to have several other offerings throughout the year. All Fenton products will continue to maintain the principles of quality, unique design, and handcrafting that have been Fenton hallmarks for more than a century.

Thanks for the news, Cadking


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