Pairpoint Fairy Lamps

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Pairpoint Fairy Lamps

Post by cadking on Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:54 am

I see on the internet that Pairpoint is making Fairy Lamps. Pairpoint is Americas Oldest Glassworks and has been in business since 1837. The domes come in 12 different colors. 11 of them are $37.00 each while the red one is an additional $5.00. The website reads:

Fairy Lamps
Pairpoint Fairy Lamps. What better way to burn a candle than in a Original Pairpoint Fairy Lamp. The base is made of clear glass but the top is made in the color to match your feelings. If you don't see your color please call and we would be happy to make that color.

6" including base. Votive candle is not included.

If you want to take a look, the website link is:


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