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Tibbetts editions

Post by jnopoinsett on Sun May 18, 2014 5:57 am


I was lucky to recently purchase a "first edition" copy of Tibbetts' "CLARKE'S FAIRY LAMPS" with the dark blue cellophane overlay cover. I never saw a copy in person before. I re-read the articles in the newsletter relating to the different editions (May 2004, November 2005) and comparing my first and second editions, her son's statement that the white covers were just misprints doesn't seem to make sense. Comparing the covers, the rectangular border had to have been intentionally added to the white cover, as was the switch from printing the background in blue, leaving the lettering "clear" on the cellophane, to printing the lettering in blue while leaving the background cellophane clear. Also my two copies of the white book, are each imprinted "SECOND EDITION".

I've never seen the light blue edition that shows only the illustrated plates, and do not know if it was authorized by Mrs. Tibbetts or not, but, I do know that some of pioneer glass researcher Ruth Webb Lee's books from the 1940s were also issued at the time in "Handbook" versions in paperback with only the photo plates and no text. I believe the idea was to have a thinner, lighter version to take with you while out antiquing. It is possible that Tibbetts did the same thing.



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