Dating newer cranberry glass Mary Gregory fairy lamp

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Dating newer cranberry glass Mary Gregory fairy lamp

Post by jnopoinsett on Fri May 08, 2015 11:55 am

I'm not sure if this more modern cranberry glass Mary Gregory-style decorated fairy lamp is in the literature anywhere or not, but based on the enameled scrolls on the base, I think it is related to U-69.
In a boxlot at auction a couple of weeks ago, I got this 8" diameter blown cranberry Mary Gregory Mother's Day plate dated 1973.

Also based on the heavy style of enameling of the figures and the scrollwork on the base, I believe the plate and fairy lamp were likely made by the same company and around the same time period.  According to a net search, a series of these plates was made for 1973-74-75-76, as well as a Christmas version.  One on the net was shown with an original label that read:  "Bohemia Crystal / Made in Czechoslovakia".  (I was unable to relocate that photo in order to post it here, but had made a note of the wording.)
This example is number 267 of 500 made.  The website says that the original issue price was $55.00.

The quality of the blown glass and cranberry color is excellent and equal to Victorian work, with nicely ground and polished rim.  The enameling, especially the figures, leaves something to be desired and reminds me of Westmoreland's Mary Gregory work from the 1940s-50s, shown on the black glass plate below:

A collector plate website attributes the cranberry plates to "Koschevak Brothers" of Czechoslovakia, however there was also a "Koscherak Brothers" (WITH AN "R" instead of a "V") who imported Italian art glass reproductions, so I'm not sure if there is a typo in there or not.  At least we can be sure of the date of the plate which gives a very likely dating for the fairy lamp shown above.

Thanks for looking.

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Re: Dating newer cranberry glass Mary Gregory fairy lamp

Post by Admin on Fri May 08, 2015 2:12 pm

Excellant John! Thank you for posting this information.

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