EBay will no longer support Live Auctions

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EBay will no longer support Live Auctions

Post by Admin on Fri May 09, 2008 9:22 am

Following is an announcement that eBay will no longer support live auctions - effective January 2009

  • Hi everyone...As of December 31, 2008, eBay will no longer offer eBay Live Auctions. As we work to improve the buying and selling experiences which you've heard our leaders talk about including significant investments in Trust & Safety and customer support we need to make sure our resources are aligned with our priorities. In the case of Live Auctions, maintaining and improving this platform falls outside our immediate focus, and will, therefore, be retired at the end of the year.
    Many members may not be aware of Live Auctions these are differentiated listings linked to physical or virtual auction houses, and moderated by a live auctioneer. Furthermore, these listings are not subject to a specific end time; Live Auctions conclude when there are no further bids.

    Before I continue, let's be clear: eBay will continue to offer auction-style listings which constitute the majority of items on eBay.com.

    Over the years, eBay partnered with a very small number of service providers who in turn worked directly with the live auction houses to supply merchandise and auctioneers for eBay Live Auctions. In addition, several hundred sellers list their items directly using the Live Auction format.

    This announcement will represent a significant change for the small number of partners, buyers, and sellers involved with Live Auctions, which is why we're giving eight months notice. We've been in touch with each of our service provider partners, and between now and the end of this year, we'll continue to work with our Live Auction partners and sellers to ensure a smooth and seamless termination of this aspect of our business.


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Re: EBay will no longer support Live Auctions

Post by cadking on Fri May 09, 2008 12:56 pm

Well now that this has come to light, I will have to do the live auctions through the other live auction supporters such as Live Auctioneers which is done through ebay ( [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ) which carry many of the same auctions as ebay. Which I have done in the past on some smaller auctions. Just keep in mind, that whe something good goes away (such as the live auctions) someone will step in and take the action and open another website which will do the same thing (if ebay isn't working through this issue in another way).


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