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COLLECTORS WEEKLY  Increasing our on-line presence Empty COLLECTORS WEEKLY Increasing our on-line presence

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:45 am


Some time ago I posted several examples of fairy lamps in the "Show and Tell" section of Collectors Weekly. At the time I was interested in any additional information on a selection of Bohemian fairy lamps. As a result I managed to glean a little bit of information from experts in the field. I also made a few new "e-friends" in the process.

The Collectors Weekly website has a huge following, primarily because of the diversity of the topics they cover. Sadly, a large following of fairy lamp collectors is not among their followers. In fact, until I joined no information on fairy lamps could be found. That situation, however, was about to be corrected.

I have begun posting "snippets" from my collection. Each posting allows for four images and ample space for text. I prepare four images of similar fairy lamps and provide a brief description of what they are. I have received a few positive comments from each posting; most are simply related to comments like "Thanks for sharing." That is the very purpose of my efforts sharing information to promote our interests.

I am using the Collectors Weekly website to raise the level of awareness of Victorian-era fairy lamps and, hopefully, entice other collectors to join our Club by including a link to our website with each posting.

I think each of our members has an opportunity to promote our Club. If you buy or sell fairy lamps, use those occasions to ask, "Have you heard about the Fairy Lamp Club?" Or, for those "keyboard geeks" do as I have done and begin posting samples from your fairy lamp collection on the Collectors Weekly website, but do not forget to include a link to our website when you write your narrative.

If you would like to see my postings, the following link will take you right to them:


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