Website Tracking Report for 2012

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Website Tracking Report for 2012 Empty Website Tracking Report for 2012

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:24 am

I suspect most will find the website visitor tracking report useless trivia. And, for most, you will be right. However, the Fairy Lamp Club enjoys a very strong world-wide on-line presence is is the only source of indepth information on fairy lamps, both Victorian and contemporary. The Fairy Lamp Club visitor tracking report covers the Fairy Lamp Club main webpage, the Fairy Lamps for Sale webpage, and the Fairy Lamp Forum webpage for the calendar year 2012. While the numbers of foreign visitors to our website is very strong, I have only shown the visitors within the US. Every state has very good coverage with Califormia leading the pack.

Instead of sending out a website report to each organization that I support, I have decided to put all the reports in one place at:

So, simply click on the above link, and click on the "Fairy Lamp Club" for the Website Report for 2012.

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