Wanted: The Pottery Gazette"

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Wanted: The Pottery Gazette" Empty Wanted: The Pottery Gazette"

Post by cadking on Sat May 24, 2014 8:13 am

This is a plea for help. I am looking for several issues of the “Pottery Gazette”. These contain either articles or advertisements which I am trying to research and have for my collection. Very seldom have I found these magazines advertised for sale. As they were a monthly magazine, they were thrown out more than saved. The issues I am looking for are:
“The Pottery Gazette” – June 1st, 1888
“The Pottery Gazette” – August 1st, 1888
“The Pottery Gazette” – December 1st, 1888
“The Pottery Gazette” – November 1st, 1890
“The Pottery Gazette” – December 1st, 1890
“The Pottery Gazette” – February 2nd, 1891
Thank you in advance for any information leading to the capture of these elusive catalogs


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