OT: Miniature Lamps

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OT: Miniature Lamps

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:36 am

Last week I offered to help someone identify a Millefiori oil lamp as being contemporary or Victorian if they would send me a photo. The following images (link provided) are what they sent to me for review. The lamps, with a few exceptions, appear to be contemporary Italian and Bohemian. Many, however, I have never seen before.

I have already solicited comments fro the Early American Pressed Glass Group (EAPG) and the Night Light Group. The EAPG considers them all (95%) contemporary Italian and Bohemian with many fonts on reproduction EAPG pedestals. The Night Group will get back to me later this weekend.

I know that many fairy lamp collectors also collect miniature lamps and thought you would like to see this collection and prehaps add your opinion to the opinions of others.

I will update the website with comments later this week for your review.

Comments welcome.


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