Why this new category??

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Why this new category?? Empty Why this new category??

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:05 am

By way of explanation, I think the following note to Bob Culver, President, Nitght Light will suffice.


I wanted you to know that I have added a new discussion category to the Fairy Lamp Forum (https://fairylampforum.forumotion.com).  I have established the "Miniature Lamp" category in part because of the issues raised related to the NL website and the interest by your members in a means to discuss issues related to miniature lamps on-line.  Right now, this category has no sub-categories, but I can add them as the need arises.  I have also added this category because many fairy lamp collectors also collect miniature oil lamps.

I have often thought of helping you with the Night Light website.  However, it is good that I did not make the offer.  I am currently shedding my web site responsibilities to others to manage.  Some will find new caretakers, others may be abandoned.  

As you may know, I am considering stopping my support to the Fairy Lamp Club.  My decision to "retire" is still up in the air, but I am about 80% decided to step down.  I suspect there will be no one willing to carry on.


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