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Brand new collector in SC Empty Brand new collector in SC

Post by greenfairy13 on Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:44 am

Hi everyone! I'm a brand new collector in South Carolina. I discovered fairy lamps while searching for antique decor for my steampunk-themed wedding last November and was really fascinated by them, but I had to put my interest in them away for a while, as being in graduate school and planning a wedding didn't give me much time to research or collect. Two weekends ago, I was at an antique store with my husband and two of our friends and I found a beautiful, peachy-pink diamond-patterned fairy lamp. I bought it, of course, and it's now on my desk where I spend most of my time. I consider it the first piece of my collection. I'm not as interested in collecting fairy lamps for their monetary value as for their aesthetic value. It's nice to know what each is worth, but that's not my main interest. I'm sure many of you feel the same way.

Other things about me--I'm 22 years old (does that make me the youngest here?), I have two cats, and I'm a writer. I write realistic short stories (though I'm also interested in magical realism and surrealism). I'm also taking a travel writing course as part of grad school, so I'm getting into nonfiction as well. I'd really like to write a story that centers around a fairy lamp or fairy lamps in general, but I have yet to think of a plot. Maybe getting to know some of you here will inspire me. Smile

My favorite kinds of fairy lamps are the translucent colored glass ones. I really like the diamond- and hobnail-patterned pieces, and I've recently gotten weak over the LE Smith Glass & Co. "Moon and Star" fairy lamp in green. I haven't found a seller that offers a complete green Moon & Star lamp, so if anyone here knows where I can find one, please let me know!

I guess this is a long enough introduction, so I'll end by saying that I'm so excited that there's a group of fairy lamp collectors online and I look forward to getting to know all of you.

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Brand new collector in SC Empty Re: Brand new collector in SC

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:17 pm

Welcome to the Forum! It is always nice to have a new collector join us. There are many members here who would like nother better than to share their knowledge and experience with a beginning collector.

I am sure you have probably searched eBay for the fairy lamps you are interested in. If not, it is a great way to build your collection of contemporary fairy lamps at a modest price. Victorian-era fairy lamps are a different story, however. For these, the selection is small and the competition is great.

In addition, I would surely visit our Club's website There are a few articles on-line already related to contemporary fairy lamps and many more articles are listed in our Newsletter Index. If you find an article in past newsletters that you are interested in, let me know and I'll put it on-line for you.

Happy hunting.


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